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General Questions




What kind of courses does Litesee.com offer?
- Our online courses constitute a huge database and material archives for language learning (texts, pictures, sound and video records), which are systematized in a special system for online learning. The contents of the courses corresponds to that of over 50 textbooks, while the audio records (texts, dialogues, words and dictations) come up to over 60 hours of listening!

Online teachers : 5 days a week / up to 5 lessons a day (over 300 lessons for 3 months)

What is the difference between the online course and the standard language courses? - The standard language course most often covers the material of one textbook in a fixed time (a month, a week day and hour). Our courses enable the users to take control over everything: they can study at their most convenient time, they can spend as much time in one course, as they consider it necessary, and everyghing is accessible form their home or office, without having to spend superfluous time for transportation. We value your time!

What do the different levels mean? – The English Language Course levels are conventionally divided according to the contents of the whole course material of Litesee.com. The course includes the basic levels of difficulty - (Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Speaking) (and some additional modules), which cover various degrees of knowledge from Starter to Advanced. When you subscribe to the online language course in Litesee.com, you will gain access to all levels and you could change the levels a number of times without limits, as well as to study in several levels simultaneously.

Access and duration. - The access to the online courses of Litesee.com is unlimited. Each user could study 24 hours a day. The number of the visited lessons as well as that of the entrance in the course is regardless of the course duration. It is only limited by the duration of the course.


What is Litesee.com?
Litesee.com is a live teachers network, combinde with multimedia system for foreign language learning.

What should I do if I forget my username and password?
– In order to change your password, after you enter Litesee.com, go to ‘my profile’. write down your new password twice and it would replace the old one. If you have forgotten all your access details, or you simply desire to change them, just write to our staff and we would send you new ones. Do not forget to write your name in the letter.

Why can’t I enter the web-site? – If you cannot enter the web-site, first you should make sure that you write down your username and password correctly. If you cannot remember them, contact us. Finally, make sure that the security settings of your browser are set at default. You can check that from Tools > Internet Options by clicking ‘Security’ and makeing sure that the ‘Default’ button is grey.

How can I change my password? – In order to change your password, after you enter Litesee.com, go to ‘my profile’. write down your new password twice and it would replace the old one.

Payment and Delivery

Ways of payment - You could pay by bank transfer, or with a credit card. Paypal is also acceptable.

Delivery - the course is completely online.

How can I unsubscribe? -If you want to unsubscribe, please cancel your subscription in your account or contact us.

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